One of the social activities in Martlesham Bowls Club is the ‘100 Club’ run by Tony Cooper.
The idea of this is to make some money for club funds, at the same time giving our members the chance to win some money themselves.
There is no obligation for any member to take part. A member can buy as many numbers as they wish for £1.00 per month each number. Draws are usually done together 6 monthly, based on members paying for 6 months at a time ( £6.00 per number for 6 months) for winter period and again for the summer period.
Half of monies collected goes into 4 prizes per month and the other half goes into club funds.
The 100 Club usually makes in excess of £300 per year for club funds, depending on the numbers entering.
It is a mystery as to why it is called the ‘100 Club’ but there is no limit to how many numbers can be bought.
Tony Cooper

Tony is now collecting 100 club entry fees for the Winter (Nov – Apr).These are £1 per month per number, payable 6 monthly in advance (i.e: £6 per number). Members can have as many numbers as they wish. If you would like to take part or need more information, please contact Tony Cooper.

May 2019 Prize

1st   15   C. Gorham      £9.00

2nd  47   D. Drake         £6.00

3rd  35    P. Gorham      £4.00

4th  34    G. Gould          £3.00

June 2019 Prize 

1st   26   J. Anderson     £9.00

2nd  19  N. Bunn            £6.00

3rd   40   C. Pope            £4.00

4th    13  B. Massey         £3.00

July 2019 Prize

1st   14   M.G. Hart          £9.00

2nd 15   P. Gorham         £6.00

3rd  33    D. Wade            £4.00

4th  32    M. Rodwell       £3.00

August 2019 Prize

1st   37    R. Nunn             £9.00

2nd 34    G. Gould            £6.00

3rd 38     C. Pope              £4.00

4th  3       Bob Bain           £3.00

September 2019 Prize

1st 19     N. Bunn              £9.00

2nd 11   D. Wade             £6.00

3rd 39    R. Rowland       £4.00

4th 42     T. Cooper          £3.00

October 2019 Prize

1st 35     P. Gorham         £9.00

2nd 33   D. Wade             £6.00

3rd 14   M.G. Hart           £4.00

4th 36    P. Jacobs             £3.00